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what is a pathogen?
Disease causing organism
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Name two types of white blood cells.
1. Phagocytes 2. Lymphocytes
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Name the deference for pathogens.
Skin, Stomach - acid, Tears - lysozymes, Cilia + mucus
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what is metabolism?
Reactions in the body
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what is Metabolic rate?
Speed of metabolic reactions in the body.
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what causes Metabolic rate?
Gender, Age, Muscle fat ratio, Inherited, State e.g Pregnacy
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what are micro- organisms also known as?
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If the body doesn't get enough fiber what can this cause?
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Ttoo much fat can cause?
Heart disease
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Too much proteins can cause?
Liver disease
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What is Vaccination?
Small amount of dead or inactive pathogen
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What is a healthy diet?
A healthy balanced diet is the correct proportion of nutrients for an individual
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What does fungi do to the body? give 2 examples
1. Ring worm 2. Athletes foot
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What do Viruses cause? Give 2 examples
1. HIV 2. Influenza
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What do our cellular reactions need?
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Where does bacteria grow?
Grows on Cells - tissue
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What does Bacteria produce?
Toxins, these are poisons
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Name two types of white blood cells.


1. Phagocytes 2. Lymphocytes

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Name the deference for pathogens.


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what is metabolism?


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what is Metabolic rate?


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