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What makes a healthy diet ?
Carbs, Proteins, fats,vitamins,minerals, fibre and water
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Why are nutrients important ?
They help u stay healthy and alive
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Vitamins ?
Substances for keeping you healthy
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Carbs ?
A type of nutrients. Carbs give you energy
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Fibre ?
Keeps food moving through the gut
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Water ?
It helps the body lose sweat, tears, urine and exhaling
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Large intestines
Squeezes out the water, from the food
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The food goes down the chube
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Small intestine
Breaks the food down
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Crunches up the food. Let's food into your body
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Your muscular tube churns the food.
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An enzyme increases the rate of chemical reactions without being used up.
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Is a carbohydrate an enzyme ?
Yes. It breaks down carbs into sugar molecules
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It is an enzyme that breaks down proteins into amino acids
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It is an enzyme that breaks down lipids into fatty acids
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Static Electricity
It is produced by FRICTION
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What happens when Electrons are removed from a material ?
It becomes positively charged.
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Are Electrons negatively charged ?
Yes they are.
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Electric charge, name 2
Positive + negative charge.
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It is a liquid that will allow solids to dissolve in it.
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It can dissolve in a liquid. e.g sugar
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It can separate coloured dyes using solvent. The different colours are dotted onto special chromotography paper. This lets the water soak up easily. The colours separate because the colours soak up at different rates.
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It uses evaporation and condensation to obtain a solvent from a solution.
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Plants and algae are called producers because they make their own food. They use glucose, a carb using sunlight.
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Animals are called consumers because they have to eat other organisms to survive.
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Photosynthesis (1)
Carbon dioxide + water light glucose + oxygen
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Chlorophyll converts the sun's energy with carbon dioxide. The chloroplasts are in the leaves.
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How does Anaerobic respiration happen ?
Happens during exercise.
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How does Aerobic Respiration happen ?
It produces energy from glucose and oxygen.
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Where does respiration occur ?
It happens inside tiny structures of your muscle inside the mitochondria
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They help u stay healthy and alive

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