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2. What is the independent variable?

  • Type of metal
  • Mass of metals
  • Temperature rise
  • Copper Chloride solution

3. Why might it make an error in your investigation?

  • If you put to much metal in it will be a thick consistency so it will not match the hypothesis
  • The size of metal powders could be different, particulary big lumps so buy metal powders with the same size particles.This would improve the results by controlling the particle size which could otherwise change the results.
  • The amount of copper chloride solution could make it runny and ruin the experiement
  • Idk

4. Did your results support the hypothesis?why?

  • Im not sure, the hypothesis did get supoorted but im not sure why
  • Yes it did,the more reactive the metal was, the higher the temperature.The magnesium gave a 25'C rise while iron only gave a 3'C rise.
  • No it didnt, the hypothesis did not get support because the temperature was too low.

5. What is the dependent variable?

  • Type of metal
  • Temperature rise
  • Copper chloride solution
  • Mass of metals


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