Schumann- Kinderscenen Op.15: Nos 1,3 and 11

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1. What kind of relationship does the key and harmony have in no 11?

  • No relationship
  • Harmony disguises the key
  • Harmony enhances the key
  • Key disguises the harmony
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2. What is the main texture in no's 1 and 3?

  • Melody dominated hymophony
  • A layered texture
  • Contrapuntal texture
  • Monophonic

3. What can be found in bars 13-14 of No 3 and what effect does this have?

  • C and G double pedals which makes the key sound like C for a brief moment
  • E and F double pedals which makes the key sound like F for a brief moment
  • D pedal which makes the key sound like the dominant of the piece
  • A pedal creating an unusual dissonance in the middle of the piece

4. What is the structure in no 1 and no 3?

  • Sonata form
  • Rounded binary
  • Ternary
  • Binary

5. What section of no 11 are syncopated chords found?

  • Episodes- B and C
  • Refrain- A
  • Refrain- B and C
  • Episode- A


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