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2. What section of no 11 are syncopated chords found?

  • Refrain- B and C
  • Episodes- B and C
  • Refrain- A
  • Episode- A

3. What rhythmical devices are used to add to the dreamy nature in no 1?

  • Blurred rhythms, use of the soft pedal and uneven pulse
  • Held notes, overlapping rhythms and pp dynamics
  • Blurred rhythms, rubato and ritardano followed by a pause
  • Over use of sustain pedal, pauses in every bar and held notes

4. Why did Schumann create this piece?

  • So adults can have recollections of childhood memories
  • To make money
  • So children can feel like a grown up adult
  • So anyone can experience his talent

5. What key are the interrupted cadences in, in no 3?

  • A in 1-2 and D in 4-5
  • G in 10-11 and Em in 12-13
  • F in 8-9 and C in 16-17
  • G in 12-13 and F# in 18-19


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