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1. Rosenhan's insane study found that

  • all the fake patients were diagnosed with Schizophrenia
  • 7/8 fake patients were diagnosed with Schizophrenia
  • 5/8 fake patients got diagnosed with the disorder and 2 were diagnosed with bipolar
  • no fake patients successfully got diagnosed with the disorder
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2. Bentall (1993) argues that

  • each symptom of Schz should be treated as a disorder in its own right with its own cause and treatment
  • that Schizophrenia goes hand in hand with bipolar disorder and that these disorders should be compared to look for similarities
  • that treatments are unaffective as Schizophrenia can not be cured, without the treatment the disorder will deteriorate

3. how many ICD first rank symptoms are needed over what length of time for the patient to be diagnosed with Schz?

  • 1 symptom, 1 month
  • 2 symptoms, 2 months
  • 2 symptoms, 1 month
  • 1 symptom, 2 months

4. what is Schizophrenia?

  • a mental disorder characterised by two different personalities that alternately control a persons personality which can prevent a high quality of life
  • a serious mental disorder characterised by severe disruptions in psychological functioning which affects thoughts, perception, language, emotion and loss of contact with reality
  • a condition with symptoms of extreme mood swings

5. alogia is:

  • heightened or exaggerated emotions how
  • inability to take part in goal directed behaviour
  • when speech becomes less clear, may insert irrelevant words in the middle of a sentence
  • an extreme loss of motor functioning


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