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2. Which species of plant are found at embryo dunes

  • sea holly, marram grass
  • marram and lyme grass
  • rushes, red fescue
  • sand sedge, weeping willow

3. What is the cause of the coloring of yellow sand dunes?

  • Lack of plants
  • Lack of sea water
  • Lack of humus
  • Lack of rain

4. What species of plant are found in grey fixed dunes?

  • sea holly, red fescue
  • marram grass
  • thistle, bramble, bracken
  • water mint, rushes and weeping willow

5. Which of these descriptions best describes a dune slack

  • A depression between dune ridges
  • A large hole that appears in the dune
  • A species of plant that grows on fixed grey dunes
  • an obstacle that limits sand movement


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