San Francisco

What are endogenous factors that affect the city?
Built along a fault line, hilly, Pacific Ocean coast, Golden Gate bridge, Bay
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What are exogenous factors that affect the city?
Ethnic communities, democratic mainly
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Demographics statistics
95,000 did not graduate from college, 21.4% Chinese, 15% Hispanic/ Latino
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How has San Francisco changed ?
San Francisco's population has been increasing since the 1840's, there was a dip in the population between 1960 and 1990, has been increasing in diversity since 1940, increasing Asian and Hispanic/ Latino populations
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Timeline of San Francisco
184-1855 gold rush era, 1906 earthquake, 1909 completely rebuilt, 1950s beat generation, 1967 hippie counterculture, 1970s gay rights, 2000s tech giants
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Physical geography (The Mission District)
Often warmer and sunnier than other parts of San Francisco due to micro climate, insulates from fog and west wind
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Land use (The Mission District)
Four subdistricts -tech start up, bars and resturants - victorian mansions and park - two commercial zones
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Built Environment (The Mission District)
Mission Dolores is the oldest building in San Francisco
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Infrastructure (The Mission District)
Highway route 10 borders the east, Bart railway systems, metro lines, bus stops
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Demographic (The Mission District)
60,000 people and 23,000 jobs
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Social (The Mission District)
Restaurants and artistic and cultural institutions, musical groups and performances, sense of community
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Cultural (The Mission District)
Murals throughout, rich culture, annual public celebrations
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Economic (The Mission District)
Housing affordability has declined over the last decade, new housing is largely unaffordable
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Poetry about San Francisco
"I hear old hippies floating in and out with long hair like limousines in the fog that is San Francisco" Paul Landry "John notes the late September showers Hove tinged the blonde hills around the bay with a new green" Vikram Seth
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Quotes about San Fransisco
"This is a user friendly city. in a way it seems small, you walk around the corner, go to the store, talk to people" Rosin Williams, resident "It's simply a very romantic place." Julia Child, chef
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Paintings on San Fransisco
Steps of San Fransisco by Kathleen Elsey, vibrant, green, modern, clean, lively. The heart of San Fransisco by Thomas Kinkade, busy, foggy, buskers, architecture, historic, dense, modern, transport, dirty
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Television on San Fransisco
La Mission, religious, diverse, gang culture, artistic, LGBTQ community
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Graffiti in San Fransisco
Murals are found throughout the mission, more than 1000, date from the 1970s, all colourful
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What are exogenous factors that affect the city?


Ethnic communities, democratic mainly

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Demographics statistics


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How has San Francisco changed ?


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