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Entire group of interest
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Subgroup of population
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3 types of rat
Winstar rat- genetically developed as model organism/ Sprague Dawley rat- calm and easy to handle/ Zucker rat- characteristically obese
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Sampling frame
Group from which sample is chosen/ sample= random selection from sampling frame
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Observational studies
Only generalised to population of interest, time and place of observation
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Biases 3
Selection bias, Response bias, Volunteer bias
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Rosenthal and Rosnow
Volunteers- more highly educated/ need for approval/ social/ less authoritarian/ more arousal seeking/ females more than males
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Reduced by making volunteering
Interesting, non-threatening, stress importance, avoid stress, request made by person of high status- preferably female
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Probability sampling
Random- simple random, systematic/ Stratified sampling/ Cluster sampling
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Non- probability sampling
Opportunity/ purposive/ quota
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Larger sample
more normal distribution, more powerful statistical test/ too many- small differences between significant
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Exclusion criteria
variables have large effect on DV
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Subgroup of population

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3 types of rat


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Sampling frame


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Observational studies


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