Salters B Elements from the Sea Quiz

Test on the unit 'Elements from the Sea'

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1. What are raw materials?

  • Obtained through methods such as fractional distillation.
  • The materials that feedstocks are prepared from.
  • The materials obtained after the processing and conversion of feedstocks.
  • The reactants fed in at the start of a process.
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2. How can you define polar molecules?

  • All molecules which have bonds
  • All molecules with dipoles
  • Only molecules with a permanent dipole
  • Only molecules with instantaneous dipoles

3. What is the lattice structure of sodium chloride said to be?

  • simple cubic
  • electrostatic bonds
  • giant ionic
  • ionic lattice

4. The boiling points increase with a heavier halogen atom, since the overall number of electrons increases and hence do the id-id bonds.

  • True
  • False

5. The intermolecular bonds for halogens are...

  • instantaneous dipole-induced dipole bonds
  • polar
  • permanent dipole-permanent dipole bonds
  • covalent


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