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2. How much was spent on increasing the height of the spit?

  • £2 million
  • £5 million
  • £7 million

3. When is the climax of a salt marsh reached?

  • When a more complex set of plants colonise
  • When the pioneer colonising plants help trap sediment
  • When a community of ader and ash trees is reached with a fully developed creek system
  • When organic matter is contributed

4. What do pioneer colonising plants (eel grass) do?

  • Help trap sediment which starts to build up a salt marsh
  • Discover new land
  • Bring other plants to a habitat

5. What was built in 1996 to increase the height of the spit to stop the sea breaching the marsh?

  • Rock armor and beach nourishment
  • Offshore tire reefs
  • Sea Wall
  • Nothing


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