Sagae Thessalia

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iuvenis ego Mileto profectus ad spectaculum Olympicum
(When I was) a young man having set out from Miletus to the Olympic games
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cum haec etiam loca provinciae clarae visitare cuperem
since i also wanted to visit these places of a famous province
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peragrata tota Thessalia Larissam per veni
i travelled through the whole of Thessaly and arrived at Larissa
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ac dum urbem pererrans
and while wandering throught the city
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tenuato viatico paupertati meae formenta quaero
with my travelling allowance diminished i looked for remedies for my poverty
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medio in foro senem conspicio
i caught sight of an old man in the middle of the forum
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insistebat lapidem
he was standing on a stone
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magnum praemium praedicabat
and proclaiming in a loud voice
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si quis moruum custodire vellet
that if anyone wished/ was willing to guard a dead body
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magnum praemium accepturum esse
he would receive a big reward
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et cuidam praetereunti inquam
and i said to a somebody passing by
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"quid hoc audio? hic mortui solent aufugere?"
"what's this I hear? do the dead usually run awat (around) here?"
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"tace" respondit ille
"Be quite" he replied
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"nam puer et satis peregrinus es, meritoque nescis in Thessalia te esse, ubi sagae ora mortuorum semper demorsicant, quae sunt illis artis magicae supplementa."
"for you are a boy and a mere stranger, and naturally you don't know that you're in Thessaly, where witches always bit pieces out of the faces of the dead, which are extra-ingredients for them in their magic art"
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contra ego inquam
in reply i said
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"quali custodela opus est?"
"what sort of protection is needed?"
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"iam primuam"
"to begin with"
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respondit ille
he replied
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"totam noctem eximie vigilandum est
"all night you must stay fully awake
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apertis et inconivis oculis
with eyes open and sleepless
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semper in cadaver intentis
always directed at the corpse
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nec acies usquam devertenda est
and your glace must not be turned away anywhere (else)
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cum illae pessimae sagae latenter arrepant
since those very wicked witches creep up secretly
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forma in quodvis animal conversa.
with their shape changed into any animal
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nam et aves et canes et mures, imoo vero etiam muscas, induunt.
for they take the form of birds, dogs, mice, and indeed even flies
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his cognitis
after finding this out
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animum meum commasculo
i strengthened my spirit (lit: made my mind manly)
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et statim accedens senem inquam
and approaching the old man at once, i said
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"clamare iam desine
stop shouting now
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adest custos paratus"
a guard is here (and) ready"
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vix finieram
scarcely had i finished
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et statim me perducit ad domum quandam
when he led me at once to a certain house
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ubi demonstrat matronam flebilem fuscis vestimentis contectem
where he pointed to a weeping woman dressed in dark clothes
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illa surrexit et ad cubiculum me induxit
she got up and led me into a bedroom
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ibi corpus splendentibus linteis coopertum manu revelavit
there she uncovered with her hand a body wrapped in shining white sheets
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ubi singula anxie demonstravit
whe she (had) anxiously pointed out the individual features
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she went out
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sic desolatus ad cadaveris solacium
thus left alone to the care of the corpse
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perfrictis oculis et paratis ad vigiliam
with my eyes rubbed and ready for guard duty
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dum animum meumn permulcebam cantationibus
while i was soothing my mind/spirit with songs
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usque ad mediam noctem pervigilabam
i stayed awake until midnight
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tum autem mihi formido cumulatior
but then my terror (became) greater
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cum repente introrepens mustela
when suddenly a weasel creeping in
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contra me constitit oculosque in me fixit
stopped in front of me and fixed its eyes on me
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tanta fiducia in tantulo animali mihi turbavit animum
such great self-confidence in so small an animal disturbed my mind
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denique sic illi inquam
finally i spoke to it in this way
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"abi, scelesta bestia, antequam mean vim celeriter experi aris! abi!"
"Go away, you wicked beast, before you quickly experience my strength! go away!"
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mustela terga vertit
the weasel turned its back
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et e cubiculo protinus exit
and immediately went out of the bedroom.
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sine mora
without delay
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sommus tam profundus me repente demergit
a sleep so great suddenly overwhelmed me
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ut ne deus quidem Delphicus ipse facile discernere posset ex duobus nobis iacentibus
that not even the god of Delphi himself could easily decide from the two of us lying down
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quis esset magis mortuus!
who was the more dead!
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tandem prima luce experigitus
having woken up at last at dawn
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et magno pavore perterritus
and terrified by great panic
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cadaver accurro
i ran over to the corpse
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et admoto lumine
and after i brought a lamp near
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revelatoque eius vultu
and uncovered his face
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omnia diligenter inspicio:
i carefully inspected everything
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nihil deest
nothing was missing
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ecce uxor misera flens introrumpit
look, the miserable wife burst in weeping
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cadavere inspecto
when she had inspected the corpse
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reddit sine mora praemium
she gave (me) my reward without delay
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"per fidem vestram...cives
"for the sake of your honour citizens
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he said
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"per pietatem publicam
"for the sake of public duty
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perempto civi subsistite
help a murdered citizen
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et extremum facinus, istius feminae nefariae scelestaeque, severiter vindicate.
and severely punish the vilest crime, of that wicked and evil woman over there.
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haec enim nec ullus alius miserum iuvenem
for this woman and no one else destroyed with poison the poor young man
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sororis meae filium
my sister's son
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in adulteri gratiam
to please her lover
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et ob praedam hereditariam exstinxit veneno"
and to steal the inheritance (lit: for the sake of inherited booty)
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illa, lacrimis effusis
she, with tears streaming down
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quamque sanctissime poterat adiurans cunctos deos,
and swearing by all the gods as piously as she could,
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tantum scelus abnuebat
was denying such a great crime
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ergo senex ille:
therefore that old man (said)
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"veritatis arbitrium in divinam providentiam ponamus.
"let us place the judgement of the truth in divine providence.
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Zatachlas, adest, Aegyptius propheta notissimus, qui mihi promisit se pro magno praemio
Zatachlas, the very famous Egyptian prohet, is here who has promised me that (in return) for a large reward
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spiritum istius cadaveris paulisper ab inferis reducturum esse
he would lead back from the dead the spirit of that corpse for a little while
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corpusque animaturum"
and bring the dead body back to life"
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immitto me turbae
i push myself into the crowd
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et pone ipsum lectulum lapidem insistens
and standing on a rock behind the bier itself
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omnia curiosis oculis spectabam
i was watching everything with curious eyes
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iam tumore pectus cadaveris extolli
now the chest of the corpse is raised with swelling
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iam spiritu corpus impleri
now the body is filled with spirit
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et surgit cadaver et profatur:
and the corpse gets up and speaks out:
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"cur, oro, me post Lethaea procula iam Stygiis paludibus innatantem ad momentsriae vitae officia reducitis?
"Why, i beg, are you bringing me back to the functions of a momomentary life after already drinking from the waters of the river Lethe and while i was sailing on the pools of the river Styx?
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desine iam, precor, desine
stop now, i pray, stop
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ac me in meam quietem permitte"
and allow me go back into me peace."
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haec vox de corpore audita est
this voice was heard from the body
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sed propheta aliquanto commotior inquit
but the prophet somewhat more forcefully said
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"quin narras populo omnia de morte tua?"
"why don't you tell the people everything about your death?"
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respondet ille de lectulo et imo cum gemiitu populum sic adloquitur:
he responded from the beir and with a very deep groan he addressed the people thus:
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"malis novae nuptae artibus peremptus
murdered by the evil arts of my new bride
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et addictus noxio poculo
and sentenced by the poisonous drink
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torum tepentem adultero reddidi
i gave back the warm bed to lover
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dabo vobis documenta veritatis perlucida
i will give to you very clear proof of the truth
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et quod prorsus alius nemo cognoverit vel omnia verit indicabo."
and i will show you what absolutly no one could know or predict"
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tunce digito me demonstrans:
then pointing me out with his finger :
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"nam cum corporis mei custos hic sagacissimus exsertam vigiliam mihi teneret
"for when this very clever guard of my body was keeping an intense watch over me,
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sagae quaedam exuviis meis imminentes
some witchs eager for my remains
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forma mutata apparuerunt
having changed their appearance appeared
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cum industriam sedulam eius fallere non potuissent
when they (had not been) were not able to trick his constant diligence
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postremo iniecta somni nebula eum in profundam quietem sepeliverunt
finally theu burried him in a deep rest with a cloud of sleep thrown over
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tum me nomine excitare coeperunt
then they began to rouse me by name
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neque prius desierunt quam dum hebetes artus mei et membra frigida
and didn't stop until my sluggish limbs and cold joints
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ad artis magicae obsequia segniler nituntur
struggled slowly towards obedience of their magic craft
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his autem
but this
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qui vivus erat
who was living
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et tantum sopore mortuus
and only dead in sleep
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idem mecum nomen forte habet
has by chance the same name as me
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as suum nomen igitur ignarus exsurgit
therefore mistakenly rose at his own name
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et in exanimis umbrae modum
and in the manner of a lifeless ghost
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ultro gradiens
walking machanically
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ianuam adit
he appproached the door
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quamquam fores cubiculi diligenter occlusae erant
although the doors of the bedroom had been carefully locked
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per quoddam foramen
through a certain keyhole
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prosectis naso
with his nose cut off
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prius ac mox auribus
then soon his ears
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ianienam pro me passus est
he suffered mutilation instead of me
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tum sagae ceram in modum prosectarum formatam aurium et applicant
then the witches attached wax fashioned in the sahpe of the cut off ears to him
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nasumque similem prosecto comparant
and made a nose similar to the one cut off
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et nuc stat miser hic
and now here stands this wretched
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praemium non industriae sed lanienae consecutus"
who has earnt the reward not for his hard work but for mutilation"
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his dictis perterritus
terrified by these words
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temptare forman iincipio
i begin to examine my face
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manu nasum prehendo
i grasp my nose with my hand:
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it comes off:
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aures pertracto:
i touch my ears:
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they fall off.
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ac dum turba directis digitis et nutibus me denotat
and while the crowd identifies me with pointing fingers and nods
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inter pedes circumstantium frigido sudore defluens effugio
i make my escape between the feet of those standing around dripping in cold sweat
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nec postea sic debilis ac sic ridiculus ad patriam redire potui
and afterwards i couldn't return to homelland so disfigured and so rediculous
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sed capillis hinc inde deiectis aurium vulnera celavi
but i hid the wounds of my ears having grown my hair long on this side and on that
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nasi vero dedecus linteolo isto decenter obtexi
(and) indeed i covered up the disgrace of my nose for decency's sake with this small cloth.
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cum haec etiam loca provinciae clarae visitare cuperem


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peragrata tota Thessalia Larissam per veni


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ac dum urbem pererrans


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tenuato viatico paupertati meae formenta quaero


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