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Whats a master status?
Label has a master status, when its the most important about you and rules your behaviour.
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Define means-tested benefit?
Benefit gained if you're poor.
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Define Meritocracy?
System where most skilled/talented people rise to the top.
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Whats a pluralism?
Belief that society is made up of lots of different parts, each gets their say via democracy etc.
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What is positivism?
Theoretical point of view, concentrates on facts: Quantitative.
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World after modern age, people constructing their own identity.
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What the rite of passage?
Growing up ceremony for young people to prove their not children anymore.
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Whats securalisation?
Religion is less important.
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Whats a social construct?
Idea/belief created in society, unscientific.
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Whats stratification?
way society is divided into lawyers/classess.
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Whats a stratified sample?
Sample with same proportions e.g. gender etc.
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Whats a subculture?
Shared norms/values different to mainstream.
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Whats a superstructure?
Cultural structure of society.
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Universal benefit?
Everyone gets this.
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Whats vocational education?
Aimed at a particular job.
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Define means-tested benefit?


Benefit gained if you're poor.

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Define Meritocracy?


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Whats a pluralism?


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What is positivism?


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