Russia's entry into WW1

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1. What happened in June 1914 which made it difficult for Russia to avoid being drawn into the war?

  • Germany bombed the British parliament
  • France threatened to invade Germany
  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Serbian nationalists
  • The daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II was shot
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2. What was required for both of Russia's mobilisation plans?

  • Total war to be implemented
  • Germany to declare war on Russia
  • Precise and detailed timetabling
  • Russia's army to be ready in four weeks

3. What was Germany's mobilisation plan?

  • The Schlieffen Plan
  • The Emcee Plan
  • Plan Number 12
  • The Jess-Belle Plan

4. What was Russia's aim with the war?

  • Gain access to the Mediterranean
  • Defend its borders
  • Defeat the rest of Europe
  • Ally with Germany

5. Were Russia actively looking to go to war in 1914?

  • No
  • Yes


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