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2. Why did the 1907 triple entente occur?

  • Britain saw the German naval expansion as a threat
  • France needed more money
  • Germany threatened to invade France
  • Russia paid France and Britain to join an alliance

3. Why did the 1892 Austro-Russian convention occur?

  • An increased need for military alliances
  • Common fear of Germany
  • They relied on eachother's incomes
  • Marriage of the Tsar's son to a key French diplomat's daughter

4. What did the growth of a united Germany mean for central Europe?

  • It was dominated by a powerful and ambitious nation
  • It was living under a dictatorship
  • It didn't have as many resources
  • It was becoming poorer

5. What did the decline of the Ottoman empire lead to?

  • Fall in grain production
  • Issues with Russian interests in the Balkans
  • Civil War in Turkey
  • More money being given to Germany


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