russia WW2

what made russia concerned about imminent war?
hitler made german chancellor 1933
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what year was military dicipline tightened?
1935- strct boundaries between solider and officer
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what years were the army purged?
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russia compared with german spending
5 billion was only 20% whereas germans 6billion was 44% of national income
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what date was the nazi-soviet pact?
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what did it entail?
'spheres of interest'. russia had lativa/lithuania. germany had poland and czech
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why did he make the pact?
it bought time to delay inevitable conflict which russia wasnt prepared for.
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when did germany invade?
june 1941. operation barbarossa. attack on moscow then stalingrad
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what was operation typhoon?
sept 1941. attack on moscow.
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what happened?
General Zhukov pushed germans back to about 200km
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when was operation blue?
june 1942. aimed to capture stalingrad.
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what happened?
extremely bloody. life expectancy of solider was 24hrs.1.9 million died.
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what was russian counter-attack dubbed?
operation uranus. 'NOT A STEP BACK'
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how many died?
1.1 million
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what then happened?
by 1943, 2/3 german-occupied territory recaptured and germans driven from stalingrad
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when did they win?
may 1945
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how many died WW2?
10% population
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what did ww2 do to economy?
germans took control of 1/3 of ndustry. led to downturn in economic production.
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what % of output was russia producing?
only 59% of 1940 output
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why did russia win WW2?
nazi-soviet pact,War economy, home front, lend-lease
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mamagement of economy example
stalin ordered relocating industry to the east, 1,500 factories dismantled
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how much of national income devoted to war?
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what happened to armaments?
doubled between 1941-44
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in comparison, the nazi economy...
georing and hitler insisted on high living standards and opposed mass production
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german mistakes
launching war with russia whilst still fighting britain.
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german at the mercy of the weather
barbarossa was launched late and this meant they were caught up in the harsh winter
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stalin's mobilisation of the home front was dubbed
'fighting for the motherland' not for the regime = great patriotic war
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what did he do to the church?
reopened 414 churches and backed the church
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only 10% of tanks BUT helped with SPAM - solidiers sustained
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what did the Yalta conference agree?
1945. joint 'Allied Decleration on Liberated Europe'
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what did stalin do?
in his sphere he ordered reds to establish communist power in czech, poland, hungary
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what did this cause?
an 'eastern bloc' as stalin established controlled regimes there
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what was priority of 4th FYP?
heavy industry
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how much did it allocate to it?
7 billion
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what happened?
economy increased. coal output over 50% higher.
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what did russia develop?
nuclear weapon due to large deposits of uranium in its sphere.
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what year was military dicipline tightened?


1935- strct boundaries between solider and officer

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what years were the army purged?


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russia compared with german spending


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what date was the nazi-soviet pact?


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