Russia before stalin

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where was the majority of Russia's population located
in the west
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population religion
christians, members of the orthodox church
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Russia's population?
80% peasants, agricultural
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4% of population were?
industrial workers
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middle class who owned factories counted for?
2% of the population
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for three centuries russia had been ruled by?
the romanov dynasty. tsar was accountable for no one, no civil rights, no parliment
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outbreak of war?
rallied behind tsar
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war proved?
backward economy, outdated political system, little indsutry, couldn't produce supplies or weapons needed to fight, peasants on front line, food shortages
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revolution in petrograd and moscow, military defeat, army and people turned against tsar
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tsar was forced to?
abdicate, handing power to the provisonal government
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who returns in 1917 april?
Lenin, wanted a new government, councils were set up called soviets
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soviets represented?
workers, peasants and soldiers, highly democratical
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lenin proclaimed the birth of the worlds first?
socialist republic
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what ideology did lenin follow?
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what was the ideal stage known as?
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primitive comunism?
where humans are equal and lived together
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the two classes?
bourgeoisie and proletariat
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conflict between these classes would lead to?
final revolution
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this would abolish the class system and create?
a socialist society
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what did lenin do as soon as he gained power?
ended involvement in the war, land to peasants and independence to minorities
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war communism led to?
peasants stopped producing surplus food, resulting in famine
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legallised private trade, introduced taxes
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october revolution passed power to?
Russias soviets
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ran the government on a day to day basis
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in 1919 what was established?
the politburo
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how many people?
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all decions were made by?
politburo, the sovnarkom became less popular
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Russia from 1900-1924 was controlled by?
single man supported by ruthless secret police force and state army, russia was denined civil rights, press censored, opposition to the star was eliminated or severly punished
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people were controlled though?
terror and repression
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lenin dies?
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christians, members of the orthodox church


population religion

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80% peasants, agricultural


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industrial workers


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2% of the population


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