Russia and European Security quiz

What year did the EU offer the Kremlin a strategic partnership?
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What in 2003 gave Russia a seemingly privileged status
European Security Strategy 2003
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What did the ESS 2003 grant Russia
Strategic Partnership Status
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What year was the Georgian Crises
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What Crises happened in August 2008
Georgian Crises
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Which political scientists said 'handling Russia has become the EUs single most important and challenging problem."?
Marsh and Rees
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What did Marsh and Rees Say?
'handling Russia has become the EUs single most important and challenging problem.'
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What are the Four Common Spaces of Russia/EU
Economic Space; CS of Freedom Security and Justice; CS of External Security; CS of Research, Education and Culture
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What agreement struck in 1989 between EC/Soviet Union
Agreement on Trade, Economic & Commercial Cooperation 1989
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What does PCA 1994 stand for
Partnership and Cooperation Agreement 1994
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What does PCA 1994 provide
The legal basis for EU/Russian relations
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What Russian document sees EU as economic actor only
Medium Term Strategy
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What Summit in paris happened in October 2000
EU-Russia Summit
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What summit upgraded the PCA/ Cooperation Council to Permanent Partnership Council
St Petersburg Summit 2003
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What are Russia's Key Foreign Policy Documents
National Security Concept; FPC 2000; Military Doctrine
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What area was upgraded in 2007 to be Russia's 'chief priority of Russian Foreign Policy'
CIS nations
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Who did Russia say was their 'chief partner in Europe'
The EU
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What agreement was conducted in March 2010
Obama-Medvedev nuclear arms reduction agreement
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What Russian 2007 document was not so optimistic about Russia/EU relations
2007 Survey
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What is this key EU quote about 'principles of foreign policy'?
We cannot share the principles of foreign policy recently articulated in Moscow
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Who draws parallels between Germany's use of railroads pre WW1 and Russia's sales of arms and nuclear reactors
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What arms deal worth $1bn was said to lack any of the conditions that Western arms deals with
Arms deal with Indonesia
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Who admitted to a flimsy arms deal with Russia
Indonesian Defence Minister
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What does MNEPR 2003 stand for
Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme in Russia
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How much budget did EU contribute to MNEPR 2003
€40 million
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What is the Chief Executive of the Sochi Olympics called
Dmitry Chernyshenko
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What cuts across ideologies of US, EU and Russia
Threat of terrorism
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What does the ECHO stand for?
European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection
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What did the ECHO do between March 1999 and April 2000
provided food aid to Russia
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What convention was held in 1997
Chemical Weapons Convention 1997
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What did the Chemical Weapons Convention 1997 seek to do
destroy 40k tonnes of chemical weapons
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Which countries have strained relations with Russia
UK, Poland and Baltic states
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who spoke of 'icy' relations in 2007
Poland's Deputy Prime Minister
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Where did a cyber attack take place
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/What did the EU-Russia Common Space Report 2007 find
There were no major breakthroughs in EU-Russian relationship
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Who said in 2009: 'If Russia's interests are ignored, we will also have to start reviewing the fundamentals of our relations' with the EU?
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Which document found that it is now 'far from being the case that everyone in Russia shares the European view.'
Country Strategy Paper 2007-13
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Who likened the Nord Streat to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact?
Former Polish Defence Minister Radek Sikorski
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What did Radek Sikorski compare
The Nord Stream to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact
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Who said in 2008 that 'little of value can be achieved without Russia, and almost nothing against it.'
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what does LTBT stand for
Limited Test Ban Treaty
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When was the LTBT
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which countries joined EU in 1999 enlargement
Austria, Finland and Sweden
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Which countries joined the EU in 2004
Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
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Who is in the Primakov Triangle
India, China and Russia
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What does ASEAN stand for
Association of South East Asian Nations
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Where was SFOR
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Where was IFOR
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Where was KFOR
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What does OECD stand for
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
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what is the CFE Treaty
Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty
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When was the ABM Treaty signed?
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Which countries inherited nuclear weapons from the USSR upon its dissolution?
Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus
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What in 2003 gave Russia a seemingly privileged status


European Security Strategy 2003

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What did the ESS 2003 grant Russia


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What year was the Georgian Crises


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What Crises happened in August 2008


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