Russia and its Rulers 1855-1964

Multiple Choice questions that focus on Alexander II, Alexander III, Nicholas II, the Provisional Government, Lenin, Stalin and Krhushchev.

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1. Which three groups did Stalin purge in the 1930s?

  • CPSU, the Red Army and people that still wanted a Tsar
  • CPSU, NKVD and the Red Army
  • NKVD, the Red Army and the Bolsheviks
  • The Bolsheviks, NKVD and people that still wanted the Tsar
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2. What was the name of the Secret Police force that Lenin introduced?

  • NKVD
  • Okrhana
  • Zemstva

3. What happened after the February Revolution in 1917?

  • Nicholas II made political concessions
  • Nicholas II abdicated
  • Nicholas II fled Russia
  • Nicholas II was killed by the protestors

4. What did the Krondstadt uprising lead to?

  • War Communism
  • The New Economic Policy
  • Grain requistioning
  • The intoduction of a new Rouble

5. What was the role of the 'Land Captain'?

  • A lead member of the peasantry to ensure that peasant voices were heard
  • Overrule decisions made by the Zemstva
  • To spy on the Zemstva for Alexander III
  • To be the leader of the Zemstva


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