rteligion and ethics

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1. what is the weak rule?

  • a weak rule allows that fact that in extreme cases the rules created using the principle of utilty needs to be broken to achieve greatest happiness. do not kill, it can be bs broken during WWII if someone had an opportunity to kill hitler
  • ruless can never be broken
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2. define utilitariansim

  • it is a deoontolocal theory
  • it aims to prduce happininess for the least number of people
  • it is an ethical theory developed by bentham and mill and it maintains that one ought to always act to maximise well being. it focuses on the end result which is to produce the greatest happiness for the greatest number (teleological)
  • it was devloped only by mill

3. what is the strong rule?

  • it maintains breaking any rules is harming society
  • it can be broken in extreme cases
  • the strong rule is created using the principle of utilty and cannot be broken at any times, for example do not kill
  • it should never be broken because it is going against God's rule

4. who developed act utilitarianism?

  • aquinas
  • hume
  • bentham
  • mill

5. who devloped rule utilitarianism?

  • aquinas
  • mill
  • aristipuss
  • epicurus


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