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1. What is community cohesion

  • People working together
  • A common vision and shared since of belonging for all groups in society
  • Different ethnic groups living together in harmony
  • Communities living together
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2. What does reincarnation mean

  • The belief that after death souls are reborn into a new body
  • Come into the world as an animal
  • Souls reborn into a new body

3. What does samsara mean

  • The circle of reincarnation
  • The circle of life

4. What does moksha mean

  • Escaping the cycle for rebirth and being reunited with Brahman
  • Escaping the circle of life

5. What does abortion mean

  • The removal of a baby in the womb before it's born
  • Harmlessly killing a foetus before it's born
  • The removal of the foetus from the womb before it can survive
  • The killing of a baby in the womb


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