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1. what is divorce?

  • The breaking of a legally binding contract between two people.
  • where two people live together without marriage.
  • where people love eath other but can't be together
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2. Methodists have a blessing but no marriage. why is this?

  • members are encouraged to be 'welcoming and inclusive'
  • members are encouraged to be reserved and quiet
  • they can be divorced easily

3. Quakers believe that homosexuals are sinners. true or false?

  • false. they believe that Bible texts on homosexual activity are Jewish views.
  • true. they believe God made us to procreate as man and women

4. what does the marriage ring represent?

  • marriage is all about the expense of the ring
  • Eternal love for life long marriage
  • love stops when the ring is off

5. what is a moral job?

  • a good job that helps others in the society such as a doctor
  • a sinful and bad job
  • job in Morpeth


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