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1. what do Roman Catholics, Anglican and Orthodox churches believe about marriage?

  • procreation is better outside of marriage
  • it is a sacrament, an outward visible sign of an inner blessing from God
  • marriage is not necessary
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2. what is annulment?

  • agreement between two people that procreation will occur in marriage.
  • dissolving of a marriage because it has taken place for the wrong reasons.
  • another word for a civil partnership

3. why do some passages from the Bible condemn homosexual activity?

  • homosexuals are bad parents
  • homosexuals can only adopt
  • sexual activity must lead to procreation
  • sexual activity must lead to marriage

4. what does marriage mean?

  • a legally binding contract and a close and intimate union.
  • fairness and freedom from oppression
  • a legally recognized union between two people of the same sex.

5. Methodists have a blessing but no marriage. why is this?

  • members are encouraged to be 'welcoming and inclusive'
  • members are encouraged to be reserved and quiet
  • they can be divorced easily


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