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Name two pieces of evidence that Jesus existed.
Cornelius Tacitus, The Talmud.
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What does 'gospel' mean?
It means 'good news'
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Who are the gospels?
Mark, Mathew, Luke and John.
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Who wrote the first and shortest gospel?
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What does advent mean?
It means, 'coming'.
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Two ways that Christians count down to advent?
Advent calendars, advent candles.
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How do christians prepare for advent?
decorate christmas trees, put wreaths on their door, go to church every sunday.
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What are traditional advent calendars and when were they invented?
Traditional advent calendars have pictures on the nativity scene. They were invented in 1851.
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What is an advent candle?
Each day someone will light a candle until it burns all the way down.
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What is a denomination?
A type of Christian church e.g catholic, church of England, salvation army.
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What does disciple mean?
A follower or supporter of something.
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Name four disciples of Jesus.
Peter, Andrew, Judas Iscariot, Matthew.
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What did the devil tempt jesus with?
He could turn stones into bread so he wouldn't starve, the devil took him to a tower and tempted him to throw himself down and the angels would save him, devil offered him all the lands if he worshipped him.
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What is a parable?
A story told to teach a message.
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Name three parables.
The lost son, the lost sheep, the lost son.
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Name three miracles.
Walking on water, turned water into wine, feeding the five thousand, healing of the sick, bringing the dead back to life.
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What is the apartheid?
White people ruling over the black people, inequality, government rule by force.
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What do christians do on ash wednesday?
Christians put crosses on their foreheads made of ashes.
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What is lent to remember?
When jesus starved himself for 40 days in the wilderness.
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What happened on Good Friday and Easter day?
Fri- Jesus is crucified and buried. Sun- Jesus rises from the dead.
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What did the TRC do to forgive the white people of what they've done?
They allowed people to volunteer to confess crimes they had committed against races.
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Name for bread and wine in church?
Mass, holy communion, eurchurist and lords supper.
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What did they eat at the last supper and what did it remind them of?
Bread reminded them of his body, wine reminded them of his blood.
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What happened on Maundy Thursday?
The last supper. Jesus is arrested.
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Why is jesus still famous 2000 years later?
People think he was the son of god, he performed miracles, he taught people spiritual teachings and morals.
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What does 'gospel' mean?


It means 'good news'

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Who are the gospels?


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Who wrote the first and shortest gospel?


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