RS: Year 9 Term 3: Divorce/Separation

Define 'reconciliation' (1)
Making up after conflict
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Define 'divorce' (1)
Legal ending of a marriage
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Define 'seperation' (1)
Being married still but living apart
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Define 'annulment' (1)
A way of ending marriage in the Catholic Church
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Identify 3 reasons for marital discord (3)
Different interests, Adultery, Personality difficulties
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What are Catholics' views on divorce? (4)
Do not recognise divorce/remarriage, Annulment allowed if marriage was unconsummatted or unlawful, separated Catholics who cohabit are committing adultery, Those who remarry without an annulment cannot receive communion
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What are Anglicans' views on divorce (3)
Allowed as per UK law, Discourage remarriage, Remarriage preferable not in a church
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What are non-conformists' views on divorce? (3)
Allowed but should be avoided, Remarriage is allowed if everyone agrees, Minister cannot be made to remarry a divorcee
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What are the general Jewish views on divorce? (3)
Permitted but as last resort, Bet Din must be applied to to grant divorce and gather evidence from witnesses
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What are Orthodox Jews' views on divorce? (4)
Must apply for a get from court, Without this you cannot remarry in a synagogue, Can remarry after 90 days from receiving get, Problems can be caused if husband refuses to give get (the women is then called 'chained')
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What are Muslims' views on divorce? (6)
Reconciliation preferable, Permitted but hated most by Allah, Husband must state 3 times with witnesses that the marriage is over, 3-month Iddah begins, Wife is given last part of dowry before separation, Remarriage encouraged
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Define 'divorce' (1)


Legal ending of a marriage

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Define 'seperation' (1)


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Define 'annulment' (1)


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Identify 3 reasons for marital discord (3)


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