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A sexual relationship with someone you are not married to
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The cancellation of marriage
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Non - religious marriage ceremony
Civil Marriage
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To not be in a sexual relationship
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Living together as a couple before marriage.
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Precautions taken to prevent pregnancy, and to protect against sexually transmitted infections e.g. condoms.
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An agreement based on promises between two sides; in religion this word is often used when a contract has been formed between you and God as in marriage.
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Legal dissolution (ending) of a marriage
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This is the nuclear family plus other relatives, usually grandparents, living with the family, but can also include cousins, uncles and aunts
Extended Family
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The planning of when to have a family using birth control/contraceptives
Family Planning
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Sexual relationships between people not married to one and other.
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Unfairly judging someone before the facts are known, having or holding biased or unfounded opinions and attitudes about an individual or group because of their gender.
Gender Prejudice
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Acting on prejudices against someone because of their gender
Gender Discrimination
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Someone physically attracted to the opposite sex
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Someone physically attracted to the same sex
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How people express themselves as sexual beings. This includes but is not restricted to the sex of the people they are attracted to.
Human sexuality
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A legal union between two people. In the U.K. this can be between people of different or the same sexes.
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Mum, dad and children
Nuclear Family
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The biological process of a couple producing children
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Marriage a second time after divorce (not usually to the person originally divorced from)
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Having a fixed general idea of how men and women behave or should behave.
Sexual Stereotyping
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Sexual relations prior to being married
Sex before marriage
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A family of either a mum or a dad, plus child(ren)
Single Parent Family
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Promises made in a marriage
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The cancellation of marriage



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Non - religious marriage ceremony


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To not be in a sexual relationship


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Living together as a couple before marriage.


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