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Being all-powerful.
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Being all-loving
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Being all-knowing
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For religion: Being the ultimate authority
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Belief in ONE God
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Belief in MANY gods
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Belief in ONE God with THREE separate and distinct aspects
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To plan design and purposely bring something into existence; there is intelligence - a thought process; to make something from scratch.
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Literal/Fundementalist Christians
Christians who believe that the Bible contains the actual words of God and that its contents are reliable and true.
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Non-literal/Liberal Christians
Christians who believe that the Bible's authors were inspired by God, therefore some of its contents are reliable and shouldn't be read literally.
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A Hebrew name which means God with us. Also an Old Testament name for the Messiah.
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Becoming flesh, taking a human form.
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A religious offence against God.
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The promised deliverer of the Jewish nation prophesised in the Hebrew Bible. Also regarded as a Saviour.
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Roman method of execution by which criminals were fixed to a cross. The execution and death of Jesus on Good Friday.
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A prediction of what will happen in the future.
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Rising from the dead; Jesus rising from the dead on Easter day. An event recorded in all four gospels and the central belief of Christianity.
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Jesus returned to heaven 40 days after the resurrection in the presence of his followers.
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A state of eternal happiness in the presence of God; the place of eternal peace ruled by God.
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Non-physical part of a human, which survives death; personal identity and individuality are retained.
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A spiritual realm where it is believed that God resides; a promised place for Believers.
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A spiritual realm of evil and suffering; a place where the wicked are punished after death.
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Pardoning someone for the wrong thay have committed aginst you; not holding a grudge.
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A covering. Jesus' blood covers sin; past, present and future.
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Restoring a relationship; making up. The sacrificial atonement of Christ reconciles Christians to God.
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Any actions, thoughts or words that go against God's moral law.
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Original Sin
Also known as Adam's sin; the belief that we are all with Adam's sin which is passed through generations. Augustine a fouth century theologian believed it was because we all have seminal presence in Adam.
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Delivery from sin and its punishment in hell.
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A gift from God; salvation is not earned but given freely by God through sacrificial atonement of Christ.
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Profoundly immoral and wicked, especially when regarded as a supernatural force.
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The supreme spirit of evil, also known as Satan and formally Lucifer (Light-bearer).
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The defense of God's attitudes in the presence of evil.
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Moral Evil
Evil and suffering committed by humans.
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Natural Evil
Evil and suffering that arises by nature.
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A distinct group within the Christian faith, with its own organisation and traditions.
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A branch of Christianity, based in Rome and led by the Pope.
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A branch of Christianity, mainly, but not entirely, practised in Eastern Europe.
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A branch of Christianity who protested against the Catholic teachings; there are many different groups e.g. Baptist, Pentacostal.
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To be devoted to someone or something; to place value or worth on someone or something else.
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An object/focus of someone's devotion.
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Liturgical worship
A church service that follows a set structure or ritual.
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Non-liturgical worship
A church service that does not follow a set text or ritual.
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Informal worship
A type of non-liturgical worship, sometimes 'spontaneous' or 'charismatic' in nature.
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Private worship
When a believer praises or honours God on his/her own.
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Deep love and respect for God.
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Statement of faith through prayer.
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Saying sorry.
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Giving praise, which might include singing hymns.
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Saying thank you.
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Asking for something.
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An outward sign which represents an imparting of spiritual grace internally.
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A ritual which initiates a person into the Christian faith, represents the washing away of sin.
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A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.
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Rite of passage
To move from one stage of life to another e.g. birth to adulthood.
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Pouring water over the head three times.
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Holy Communion
A service which remembers the sacrifical death and resurrection of Jesus through the partaking of bread and wine.
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Sacrificial atonement
A sacrifice made to cover sin.
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Roman Catholic practice of Holy Communion in which they believe the priest is sacrificing Jesus and that the bread chnages into the body and the wine changes into the blood of Jesus. This is known as transubstantiation.
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The arrival of a notable person or thing; for Christians the arrival of Jesus into the world.
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The birth of Jesus, described in two of the Gospels.
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A lighted candle symbolising Christ as the light of the world, held by children at a special advent service.
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Advent Wreath
A wreath of evergreen foliage in which red candles are set. One is lit for each Sunday of Advent.
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A period of 40 days which remember Jesus' fasting in the desert and being tempted by the devil. Christians give something up during Lent.
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Palm Sunday
Remembers Jesus' entry into Jerusalem welcomed ceremoniously by the Jewish people laying down their cloaks and waving plam leafs before him.
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Maundy Thursday
Remembers the Last Supper Jesus had with his disciples. Some Christians practice the washing of each others feet in remembrance of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.
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Good Friday
Remebers Jesus' death on the cross. It is a day of mourning. Christians attend services and take Holy Communion.
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Easter Sunday
Marks the day of Jesus' resurrection. It is the most important day in the Christian calendar and is a day of celebration.
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A journey to a sacred place usually as an act of religious devotion.
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A Christian site of pilgrimage in Burgundy, France.
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A village in the English county of Norfolk. The village is famed for its religious shrine to the Virgin Mary and is a major pilgrimage centre.
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Assembly of people; the Body of Christ, among whom Christ is present and active. A building in which Christian's worship.
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A word used in the Bible to describe selfless, sacrificial and unconditional love.
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The vocation or calling of a religious individual or organisation to go out into the world, help those in need and spread their faith.
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Where someone is mistreated, especially because of race, or political, or religious beliefs.
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Someone who has decided to become committed to a religion and change his/her religious faith.
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