RS GCSE Unit 1

1. Why do some non-religious people believe in the after life?

  • God told them
  • Unsure
  • Near death experiences, deja vu, or witnessed ghosts.
  • Scientific proof
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2. What does omnipotent mean?

  • all-powerful
  • all-good
  • all-knowing
  • a greater presence

3. What does quality of life mean?

  • the idea that life has some benefits for it to be worth living.
  • God knows all
  • the belief life is holy and belongs to god.
  • life is bad and evil exists

4. what is moral evil?

  • actions done by humans which cause suffering.
  • Someone who has committed murder.
  • suffering caused by natural disasters.
  • Someone who is evil inside.

5. What does homosexuality mean?

  • Being homophobic.
  • Being attracted to the opposite sex.
  • The sexual attraction between members of the same sex.
  • Marriage between two people.


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