RS GCSE Unit 1

1. Give a reason why Islam would allow euthanasia.

  • If it's voluntary.
  • The quality of life is bad/poor
  • God says its good
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2. What does natural evil mean?

  • The suffering cause by something natural i.e an earthquake
  • Evil is within everyone
  • Suffering caused by humans
  • Evil that naturally exists

3. What does homosexuality mean?

  • Being homophobic.
  • The sexual attraction between members of the same sex.
  • Marriage between two people.
  • Being attracted to the opposite sex.

4. What is community cohesion?

  • a common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in society.
  • where a ethnic group which is smaller than the majority group.
  • the right to practice and change religions.

5. What is prayer?

  • talking to someone in church.
  • an attempt to contact god, usually through words
  • the belief god is all-good


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