RS-(GCSE) Summer Term (Yr.10)

why do people go on a pilgrimage ?
become religious, healing, find themselves become closer to god
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what is the taize community ?
a place in central france that is home to a community of monks
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why go to taize ?
to self reflect and pray, dedicate yourself to god and strengthen faith
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what are the rules at taize ?
celibacy, obidience, sharing materials and goods, silence at meals
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what are the advantages and disadvantages of taize ?
adv; find yourself, appriciate things, find like minded people disadv; expensive, brainwashing, if you dont like it youre stuffed as you have to be there for atleast a week
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what are the qualities of a priest ?
understanding, forgiving, loyal, religious, role model, belief in god
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what is the role of a catholic priest ?
to hear confessions and forgie sins, help sick, responsible for teaching of church being taught, represents christ, supports and educates
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what is the role of a anglican priest ?
conduct funerals, pray with congregation, visit sick, lead worship in church, can be female, dont have to be celibate
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what is celebacy ?
living without participating in any sexual activity
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why does a catholic priest have to be celibate?
so that they are devoted to god and dont have any barriers to their commitment, eg wife and children
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what does persecution mean ?
hostility or ill treatment, usually because of prejudice
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why are somalia and iraq top countries for persecution ?
because they are mainly muslim so dont agree with christianity
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important quote book
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who was brother andrew ?
someone who helped christians because he smuggled bibles into countries where christians were being persecuted which allowed them to practice their religion
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what is open doors ?
an organisation which offers counselling to heal people after they've been freed from persecution, helps less able christians practice their religion, raises awarness for persecuted christians
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who are james and stephen smith ?
people who turned their home into a memorial for persecuted jews in teh holocaust, they also offer support to people who have been persecuted, widowed or orphaned by the 1994 genocide
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define reconcilliation
the bringing together of two people so they are friendly again
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what is corryemeela ?
an open village where people of good will learn and live together, works with families through bad times, works with 18-25 year olds to deal with concerning issues, works with school to promote positive citizenship
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quotes for christianity on wealth and poverty
"if anyone has material possesions and sees his brother in need how can the love of god be with him" " if a brother has no clothes or food what good is it to wish him well wihtout caring for his physical needs"`
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quotes from bible on poverty and wealth
"its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of god"
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quotes for sikhism on poverty and wealth
"a good person always seeks the welfare of others" " a place in gods court can only be atained if we do service to otheres in the world"
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what is wings of compassion ?
a group that helps others the same as khalsa aid
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define want and need
need is a necessity, want isn't necessary but would be nice
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what are the causes of poverty ?
unemployment, natural disasters, addiction, no education
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define exploitation
to misuse power or money to get other to do things for a little or unfair reward
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give three examples of exploitation
loans, trafficing, (not) fair trade
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define abortion
the means of expoltion from the womb
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what is the legal limit for abortion ?
24 weeks
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what is meant by the term sanctity of life ?
religious people may use this phrase to describe how god has given life so therefore god should be the only one who can take it away
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what is the taize community ?


a place in central france that is home to a community of monks

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why go to taize ?


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what are the rules at taize ?


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what are the advantages and disadvantages of taize ?


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