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define just war
the belief that a war can be justified if it has a just cause, is started& lead by the proper authority, has a proper motive, there is sufficient protection for civilians, proportionality, promotes good over evil, it is a last resort
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who was the just war theory created by?
Thomas Aquinas
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Why would supporters of the just war theory have a problem with nuclear war?
it would cause inevitable damage to civilians.
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define pacifist
someone who believes all forms of violence are wrong
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what is agape?
the act of unconditional and selfless love towards others
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what is a conscientious objector?
someone who refuses to fight in the war on the basis of their own conscience.
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what may conscientious objectors do in the war? why?
medical work, so they are still protecting their country (helping the soldiers), but without killing anyone.
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what are the aims of punishment?
retribution, reformation, deterrence, protection
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what is deterrence ?
to deter the criminal from committing the crime in the first place
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what is protection (in terms of aims of punishment)?
to protect society and innocent people from harm and danger
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what is retribution?
society and the victims can see that the criminals have paid for their crimes
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what is reformation?
to give the criminal a chance to become a better person and improve their behaviour.
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which denomination don't agree with war? list why.
Quakers -everybody should treat each other with love, even when met with aggression, as they believe in agape. It's possible to solve every problem with non-violent methods (MLK)
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which denomination think war is sometimes necessary? list why.
RCs - although war is regrettable, sometimes its necessary to protect innocent people. They believe in following the actions of Jesus to help the weak and helpless, they can do this by fighting to save them.
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2 quotes against war?
"turn the other cheek" "blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God"
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why are the aims of punishment relevant to the teachings of jesus?
Jesus saw the importance of encouraging people to change their ways; he looked for people's inner morality rather than judging them by their actions.
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who is an example of someone who helped those who were criminals?
elizabeth fry - improved the conditions of london prisons
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define capital punishment?
executing a criminal convicted of serious crimes.
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who is in favour of capital punishment? list why.
RCs -it is the lesser of two evils as we need to protect innocent people from harm. Also, it would set an example to others and show that you should follow christian values, or else be punished.
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who is against capital punishment? list why?
CofE- doesn't conform with aims of punishment as criminal isn't given a chance to reform, and this contradicts the teachings of Jesus to forgive people. Sanctity of life. God only supreme being to end life. He will be punished for his sins in hell.
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quote for capital punishment?
"an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"
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quote against capital punishment?
"thou shall not kill" "let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
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what does proportionality mean?
force can only be met with equal force
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define revenge
seeking to repay a wrong by getting recompense
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define sin
an act that goes against God's will
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define justice
fairness in society and the world
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define social justice
people should be treaty fairly and with respect in a society
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define social injustice
where people are denied rights as a result of poverty or discrimination.
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define violence
the use of physical force with the intention to harm
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what is the liberation theology?
central and south american christians in the 1960s stood up to social injustice and believed it was right to use arms to defend their cause.
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define equality
treating people equally despite gender, race or religious beliefs.
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define discrimination
unjust or prejudicial treatment because of race, age, gender or disability.
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define eucharist
christian celebration commemorating the last supper, in which bread and wine are consumed
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define evangelism
persuading others to share your faith
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define repetence
sincere remorse for ones actions
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define reconciliation
restoring friendly relations
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define proselytising
trying to convert people from their religion to yours
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define ecumenical
different christian denominations working together
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define sexism
prejudice against someone because of their gender
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what are some quotes against racism
"love thy neighbour" "God created man in his image"
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briefly explain the parable of the good samaritan
a jew was injured at the side of the road and a priest and a Levite were too selfish to help him. But a samaritan walked past and took pity on him & helped him, even though they were enemies at the time.
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which denomination would believe that men are superior to women?
RCs - only allow man to be priests in their churches, as they claim that Jesus chose all his disciples to be men. As eve ate the fruit first, men should have spiritual authority over them. Women trad. have role of housewives who support husbands.
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how is sexism portrayed in the bible? quote?
"Your husband will rule over you"
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which denomination believe in gender equality? list reasons.
Church of England allows women to become priests as they believe that we are all made in God's image and so all God's creations are equal. God doesn't treat anyone indifferently so why should we? the only supreme being is god.
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explain exclusivists opinions.
exclusivists believe that all other religions are wrong and the only way to God is through Christianity, as Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
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evangelist bible quote
"i am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me"
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explain inclusivists opinions.
all religions have some truth, but christianity has the whole truth.
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inclusivists quotes
"in my fathers house there are many rooms"
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explain pluralist opinions.
all faiths are equally acceptable and plausible
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pluralist quotes
"in my fathers house there are many rooms"
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what are RC beliefs about forgiveness.
they encourage members to go regularly to confession to cleanse them of their sins. By sinning they have fallen out with God, and by confessing they are making amends in the relationship. This is the sacrament of reconciliation.
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what are some ways that christians can be united in forgiveness.
in eucharist, believers commemorate the last supper by the sharing of bread & wine, before it commences there is a chance to confess and make amends with people you've had struggles with. So that when the celebration begins, everyone is at peace.
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examples of christian forgiveness.
antony walker's mum forgave the killers of her son in a racist brutal attack. Although forgiveness isn't easy, it can be done in even the most difficult circumstances.
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quotes about forgiveness
-from the daily prayer "forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who trespass against us", "today you will be with me in paradise" (Jesus says to the their in the cross next to him)
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