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What is the genre of dance?
Post modern repetitive pedestrian gesture
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First performance?
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How many sections?
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Bare legs or leggings?
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Where is the school?
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How do the shoes add to the aural setting?
They squeak on the tiled floor
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What could be an interpretation of the mood?
Rage or frustration
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Who also composed the accompaniment other than Thierry de May?
Peter Vermeesch
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What colours are the walls painted in with the chair scene?
Cream tiles and blue on top
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Are tops short sleeved or long sleeved?
It's varied
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Who was the choreographer?
Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
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What dance style is Rosas?
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How many sections are there in Rosas?
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What lighting is used in the film?
Natural lighting from the windows
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How many dancers are in the film?
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What was the starting point of the piece
Music-Dance Relationships
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What are the themes?
Human Behavior, Rage
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Who composed the accompaniment?
Thierry de Mey and Peter Vermeersch
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What does the costumes consist of?
Drab everyday grey skirts and tops, black leggings, socks and shoes
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What does the accompaniment consist of?
Electronic, percussive, minimalist music together with the natural sounds of the dancers in action.
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At what time of day do we interpret that Rosas dancers begin
Early morning
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When did Rosas Danst Rosas premiere
6th may 1983
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how many dancers in the film performance
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what is the only props used throughout the whole performance
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where is the piece set ?
a derelict school in Belgium
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what is the colour and design of the dancers shoes
Brown brogues
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what is a key motif in the floor section
the four female dancers fall to the floor, onto their left side, push up onto their elbows then push up fully onto their hands tilting their heads back in an arched back postion
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what does the lighting add to the piece?
visibility of shadows on set
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What is the dance about?
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what is the choreographic style of rosas?
Highlights single parts of the body, drawing attention to small human gestures. Movements are patterned and structured to create rhythms and achieve perfect unison
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Rosas Danst Rosas Set is minimal, this is significant because...
The draws the audiences focus to the dancers
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The coldness that the austere rooms suggests...
a sense of institution where any comfort seems to be missing
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The use of different rooms in the building helps....
to set the location of the dance
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The natural light coming through the windows also helps to create
dull and austere feel to the dance
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All the dancers are dressed the same which suggests
unity, there are no individuals - no personalities shine
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The costume is quite minimalist which complements the...
Accompaniment and Physical Setting
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The slit neck top is used to enhance
movements of pulling down the neckline
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The Movements where dancers are pulling down the neckline of their top set a (?) Mood?
raw, aggressive and seductive
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In the chair section the hair is used to enhance?
the choreography on brisk lifts of the head, which exaggerates the action.
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What relationship does the music and dance have?
Direct Correlation - Music and choreography were written together during the course of the creative process
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The use of silence helps to reinforce the
institution feel and also enables the audience to concentrate on the human behaviour
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The dancers’ breathing can be heard and accompanied by the purely ‘human’ music of panting, of arms tapping against the floor and the sound of rolling; this supports what theme?
Rage and Human Behaviour
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First performance?



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How many sections?


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Bare legs or leggings?


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Where is the school?


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