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2. What did the Platt Amendment make Cuba?

  • A key trading stop for American ships
  • A safehouse for American weapons
  • Effectively an American protectorate
  • Forced them to be Democratic

3. What did he do in 1904?

  • Introduced the Platt Amendment
  • Introduced the Treaty of Portsmouth
  • Set out the Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
  • Fought in the Spanish-American War

4. What did the Platt Amendment entail?

  • Made James Platt Secretary for Education
  • Allowed extension American intervention in Aruba
  • Allowed extensive American intervention in Cuba
  • Declared war on France

5. What best describes Roosevelt's approach to foreign policy

  • Expanionist and Imperialist
  • Confrontational and Violent
  • Isolationist
  • Retreatist and Isolationist


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