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2. What does 'O brother Montague' (spoken by Capulet) illustrate to the audience? (end of play)

  • They are now 'brothers' as the feud between the two families has ended
  • Capulet views Montague as his enemy
  • They were related all along
  • He wants to be his brother

3. Why did Shakespeare begin his play with the prologue?

  • Shakespeare began all of his plays with a prologue
  • It was a common thing to do in Elizabethan times
  • He wanted to outline the conflict between the two families and Romeo and Juliet's death
  • He didn't know how else to start it

4. The play starts with the Montague and Capulet families fighting one another in the streets of Verona. Why does the brawl begin?

  • Because the plot demands it
  • The servants are fighting
  • The caplets are fighting
  • Romeo and Tybalt are fighting

5. Why does Shakespeare begin his play with conflict?

  • To create tension
  • To highlight how the Montagues and Capulets hate each other
  • He didn't start his play in this way
  • To make it exciting


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