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2. What did he write?

  • Personal letters and official correspondence with Trajan
  • Banging tunes for the bards to play at parties
  • Public notices and official correspondences with Trajan
  • Personal letters and official correspondences with Nero

3. Petronius's writing is?????

  • About the best ice cream shop in town
  • A satirical novel named The Satyricon
  • A satirical set of poems called 'The works of Petronius'
  • A satirical letter about a cracking dinner party

4. What was the nature of his poetry?

  • Romanticism
  • Hilarious banter
  • Mild satirical poetry
  • Epic Poetry

5. What dates did Horace have his work published between?

  • 42 - 36 BC
  • 35-30 BC
  • 22-15 BC
  • 30-37 BC


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