Rock since the 1980s

All the characteristics you need to know for 'Rock since the 1980s' from the 'IN Tune With Music' book 2.

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1. Which one of these isn't a characteristic of Heavy rock?

  • use of simple chord progressions involving primary triads, major keys and seventh chords
  • heavy drumming techniques with strong, driving rhythms
  • Improvised and extended guitar solos
  • lyrics that are frequently anti-social or controversial
  • importance of riffs as a structural element
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2. Which is not a characteristic of Pop?

  • use of acoustic drums
  • use of electronic keyboards/synthesisers as primary backing
  • great emphasis on studio recording effects
  • lyrics that deal with teenage related issues
  • smooth

3. Which one is a characteristic of indie rock?

  • often romantic melodies
  • unchanging quadruple metre
  • frequent use of non nonsensical lyrics
  • less obvious use of verse-chorus form
  • use of samples from other music sources

4. repetitive lyrics are a characteristic of techno

  • False
  • True

5. R&B uses rap-like lyrics that are sung rather than spoken

  • True
  • False


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