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An interaction consists..
of any variation in the scores which is not due to error/main effects.
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Parallel lines =
no interaction.
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Not parallel lines =
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POC testing..
reduces risk of making type I error. significant effect on ANOVA/MANOVA.
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Grounded theory..
strong coding procedure, data collection on analysis. inductive - develop a theory.
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Discourse analysis..
social constructivism. two main approaches - discursive psychology, foucauldian discourse analysis.
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Data collected for discourse analysis..
existing sources, concerned with context, interested in WHAT words are used.
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understanding the meaning of human experience (hermeneutics)
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Key features of IPA..
often data from SSI, how people interpret experiences.
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Thematic Analysis case example..
braun & clark.
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Bottom up..
participant led data collection.
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Parallel lines =


no interaction.

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Not parallel lines =


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POC testing..


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Grounded theory..


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