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2. What part of a meander deposits earth?

  • The beginning.
  • The end.
  • The inside.
  • The outside.

3. What is a meander?

  • Another name for an oxbow lake.
  • An area in a waterfall where the rocks are held.
  • A bend in the river which is formed in the middle course.
  • A bend in the river which is formed in the upper course.

4. What part of the waterfall holds fallen rocks?

  • The steep sided gorge
  • The ridges of hard rock
  • The Plunge Pool
  • The Overhang

5. What is transpiration?

  • Rain, snow and sleet
  • When water vapour turns to liquid in clouds
  • When the leaves breathe out water.
  • When water turns to vapour


Hattie Flower

I'm just hoping that all of these activities on this website is going to help me with my Geography test on Wednesday! (Fingers Crossed) I guess I've just got to really work hard at it and use all of my time to the limit!

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