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2. What is a meander?

  • Another name for an oxbow lake.
  • A bend in the river which is formed in the middle course.
  • A bend in the river which is formed in the upper course.
  • An area in a waterfall where the rocks are held.

3. What is Saltation?

  • Boulders rolled along the sea bed.
  • Minerals dissolved in the water.
  • Small stones bounced around the sea bed.
  • Fine material held in water.

4. What part of the waterfall holds fallen rocks?

  • The steep sided gorge
  • The ridges of hard rock
  • The Plunge Pool
  • The Overhang

5. What part of a meander deposits earth?

  • The end.
  • The inside.
  • The beginning.
  • The outside.


Hattie Flower


I'm just hoping that all of these activities on this website is going to help me with my Geography test on Wednesday! (Fingers Crossed) I guess I've just got to really work hard at it and use all of my time to the limit!

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