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2. What is percolation?

  • Where water moves downwards through soil
  • Water moving from the ground to the soil
  • When precipitation is not intercepted
  • Where plants, trees or buildings collect precipitation

3. What is evapotranspiration?

  • where the sea is evaporated into the sky
  • When leaves release water into the atmosphere
  • the process by which water is transferred from the land to the atmosphere by evaporation from the soil and other surfaces and by transpiration from plants.
  • where water vapour changes to a liquid

4. What is the drainage basin?

  • An area of land drained by the river and it's tributaries
  • Where lots of rivers join
  • A place where rivers flow
  • A space full of water

5. Why does condensation occur?

  • Because water vapour rises mostly by convection and this means water vapour looses its energy
  • Because radiant particles cause the molecules to have more energy and rise
  • Because water falls as a result of gravity
  • Because there is not enough space in the sky for all of it


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