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1. What is transpiration?

  • where the water filters through the ground and the tiny pores in the soil
  • where the water is evaporated straight from the ground or from the sea
  • When plants take water through their roots and release it through leaves
  • this happens when either the soil is impermeable or saturated and the water flows over the top of it
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2. What is interception?

  • where water is moved sideways through the soil
  • where plants, trees or buildings collect the precipitation
  • when the ground intercepts the water entering the soil
  • when the precipitation flows through the plant into the ground

3. What is the source?

  • where water flows
  • a small river that joins the main one
  • the place the river starts which is normally boggy or a spring
  • where two rivers join

4. What is through fall?

  • where rivers enter through the ground
  • where precipitation is not intercepted but falls straight to the ground
  • where water vapour falls through the clouds
  • slow movement of water through the ground

5. What is precipitation?

  • Water that reaches the surface of the earth but does not infiltrate the soil
  • Water being released from clouds as rain, snow, sleet or hail
  • When water molecules rise into the atmosphere as vapour
  • Process where water seeps into the ground


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