River Sor Brook

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Aim of fieldwork enquiry
To find out whether velocity increases the further you move downstream from the source
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theme under investigation
bradshaws model
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method of primary data collection
measure 5m in centre of river, placed 2 ranging poles this distance apart. drop an orange 1m before the first pole start timing once passed the pole stop when reached the second. Repeat 3 times.
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improvements to method
use a flowvane as more relaible, do more repeats, different days and seasons, measure gradient, different river
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data presentation
scatter graph
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advanatges of scater graph
easy to make comaprsions, anomalies shown clearly, highlights clusters and trends, line of best fit , easy to construct
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disadvantages of scatter graph
if line of best fit wrong alters trend, correct equitment needed, axis scales must be right
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characteristics of studay area
source, steep v sahped valley, vegation, confluence at horley, bridges, footpaths, more urbanised at aderbury
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advantages of study area
local so low transport costs, easily accesible, good size, source to mouth not too far, good for our investigation
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risks of investigation
barbed wire, objects in river, viels diease, drowing, steep banks, injury
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main findings
scatter graph shows positive corelation, spearmans ranks shows 99% not by chance, best fit line rises form 01m/s at source to 0.5m/s at 30km, lower than expectited at bodicote mil, higher at golf course
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theme under investigation


bradshaws model

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method of primary data collection


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improvements to method


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data presentation


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