Risk Assessment and Control

What is a hazard?
The potential of an article/subtance to cause harm
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What is a risk?
The likelihood of harm being caused and severity
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Two types of Risk Assessment
Quantative - Use of numbers to get to the hazard/risk and give an indication, Qualative - written RA which gives personal opinion on the risk
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The Risk management approach?
Identify Hazards, Assess risk, Eliminate hazard if poss, control/reduce if not poss, Monitor/review
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Risk assessment involves?
Identify competant person, people at risk, hazards, existing control measures, severity, likelihood, overall risk, further actions and implement
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What is a safe system of work?
A systematic approach to get to a safe method identifying hazards and risks to ensure they are eliminated or minimised.
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5 steps to developing safe systems
define task, identify hazards, establish a method, implement system, monitor effectiveness
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What is the Job safety analysis?
Select - task to be analysed, Record - break into component parts, Examine - each part to determine risk, Develop - Control measures, Install - System, Monitor
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What is a Permit to work?
The most safe system of work to control high risk work - confined space, hot weork, work at height, excavations, asbestos *********. certificate, id of hazards of job, signatures of authorised persons, handover of control
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what is a method statement?
logical, step by step procedure
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Main hazards of confined space?
lack of Oxygen, toxic/flammable gas or vapour, bad access, falls, flooding,
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precautions for confined spaces?
test atmosphere - ventilate or breathing apparatus, close supervision, rescue arrangements, secure isolation of services, control of hazards brought to space, info and instruction to all persons involved
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confined space regs 1997
avoid entering space, assess risk, safe system of work (permit), training and supervision, rescue arrangements
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Hierarchy of control
Eliminate, Substitute,Engineering controls, safe systems, warning signs, ppe
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What is a risk?


The likelihood of harm being caused and severity

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Two types of Risk Assessment


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The Risk management approach?


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Risk assessment involves?


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