Rising Sea level and Coastal flooding

Why is sea level rising?
because of global warming
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How much per year?
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how much over past century?
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how much by 2100?
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What is global warming?
rapid rise in global temp over the last 100 years
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What two effects does this have?
melting ice and heating oceans
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Explain the melting ice effect?
The melting of ice on land (Antarctic ice sheet) causes water that stored as ice to return to the oceans. This increases the volume of water in the oceans and causes sea level to rise.
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Explain the heating oceans effect?
Increased global temp causes the oceans to get warmer and expand( thermal expansion). This increases the volume of water , causing sea level to rise
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Rising sea level will increase?
coastal flooding
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Coastal flooding will effect low lying parts of the world such as?
Maldives and Bangladesh
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What 4 types of effects would this cause?
economic , social , environmental , political
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What 3 economic effects?
1)loss of tourism 2)damage repair 3)loss of agricultural land
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What 4 social effects?
1)deaths 2)water supplies affected 3)loss of housing 4)loss of jobs
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What 3 environmental effects?
1)ecosystems affected 2)vegetation killed by water 3)increased erosion
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What political effect?
The government has to make policies to reduce impacts of future flooding.
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How much per year?



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how much over past century?


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how much by 2100?


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What is global warming?


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