Richard III Act 1 Scene 2 Quotes

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A1 S2 (line 1)
(Anne) 'Set down, set down your honourable load'
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A1 S2 (line 4)
(Anne) 'Th' untimely fall of virtuous Lancaster'
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A1 S2 (lines 6-7)
(Anne) 'Pale ashes of the house of Lancaster/ Thou bloodless remnant of that royal blood'
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A1 S2 (lines 9-10)
(Anne) 'To hear the lamentations of poor Anne/ Wife to thy Edward, to thy slaughtered son'
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A1 S2 (lines 13)
(Anne) 'I pour the helpless balm of my poor eyes'
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A1 S2 (14-16)
(Anne) 'Oh, cursed be the hand that made these holes/ Cursed the heart that had the heart to do it/ Cursed the blood that let this blood from hence'
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A1 S2 (17)
(Anne) [about Richard] 'hated wretch'
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A1 S2 (21-5)
(Anne) 'If ever he have child, abortive be it ... Whose ugly and unnatural aspect/ May fright the hopeful mother at the view / And that be heir to his unhappiness'
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A1 S2 (26-7)
(Anne) 'If ever he have wife, let her be made/ More miserable by the death of him'
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A1 S2 (32)
(Anne) 'Rest you while I lament King Henry's corpse'
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A1 S2 (34-5)
(Anne) 'What black magician conjures up this fiend/ To stop devoted charitable deeds?'
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A1 S2 (36-7)
(Richard) 'Villains, set down the corpse, or by Saint Paul/ I'll make a corpse of him that disobeys.'
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A1 S2 (38)
(Gentleman) 'let the coffin pass'
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A1 S2 (39-41)
(Richard) 'Unmannered dog, stand thou when I command... Or by Saint Paul, i'll strike thee to my foot'
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A1 S2 (45-6)
(Anne) 'mortal eyes cannot endure the devil... thou dreadful minister of hell'
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A1 S2 (49)
(Richard) 'Sweet saint, for charity, be not so crust'
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A1 S2 (50)
(Anne) 'Foul devil'
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A1 S2 (51-2)
(Anne) 'thou hast made the happy earth thy hell/ Filled it with cursing cries and deep exclaims'
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A1 S2 (57)
(Anne) 'thou lump of foul deformity'
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A1 S2 (62-4)
(Anne) ' O God, which this blood mad'st, revenge his death/ O earth, which this blood drink'st, revenge his death/ Either heav'n with lightning strike the murd'rer dead'
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A1 S2 (66)
(Anne) [about Henry VI] 'good king's blood'
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A1 S2 (68)
(Richard) 'Lady, you know no rules of charity/ Which renders good for bad, blessings for curses'
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A1 S2 (70)
(Anne) 'Villain, thou know'st nor law of God nor man'
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A1 S2 (73 & &74)
(Anne) 'Oh, wonderful, when devils tell the truth' (Richard) ' More wonderful, when angels are so angry'
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A1 S2 (78)
(Anne) 'diffused infection of man'
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A1 S2 (81 & 83)
(Richard) 'Fairer than tongue can name thee' (Anne) 'Fouler than heart can think thee'
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A1 S2 (92)
(Richard) 'I did not kill you husband'
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A1 S2 (95 & 6)
(Anne) 'Queen Margaret saw/ Thy murd'rous falchion smoking in his blood'
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A1 S2 (99- 100)
(Richard) ' I was provoked by her sland'roud tongue/ That laid their guilt upon my guiltless shoulders'
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A1 S2 (105-6)
(Anne) 'Dost grant me, hedgehog? Then God grant me too/ Thou mayst be damned for that wicked deed'
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A1 S2 (112)
(Anne) 'And thou unfit for any place but hell'
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A1 S2 (115)
(Richard) 'Your bedchamber'
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A1 S2 (126-9)
(Richard) 'Your beauty was the cause of that effect/ Your beauty, that did haunt me in my sleep/ To undertake the death of all the world/ So I might live one hour in your sweet bosom'
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A1 S2 (131)
(Anne)'These nails should rend that beauty from my cheeks'
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A1 S2 (136)
(Anne) 'Black night o'ershade thy day, and death thy life'
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A1 S2 (144)
(Richard) 'Did it to help thee to a better husband'
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A1 S2 (146)
(Richard) ' He lives that loves thee better than he could'
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A1 S2 (147-148)
(Anne) 'Name him' (Richard) 'Plantagenet'
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A1 S2 ( 151& 152)
[after Anne spits on him] (Richard) 'Never came poison from so sweet a place' (Anne) 'Never hung poison on a fouler toad'
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A1 S2 (153)
(Anne) 'Out of my sight. Thou dost infect mine eyes'
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A1 S2 (158)
(Richard) 'Those eyes of thine from mine have drawn salt tears'
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A1 S2 (160)
(Richard) 'These eyes, which never shed remorseful tear'
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A1 S2 (165)
(Richard) 'Told the sad story of my father's death... In that sad time/ My manly eyes did scorn an humble tear'
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A1 S2 (184)
(Richard) 'I did kill King Henry/ But 'twas thy beauty that provoked me'
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A1 S2 (189)
(Anne) 'though I wish thy death/ I will not be thy executioner'
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A1 S2 (194)
(Richard) 'This hand, which for thy love did kill thy love,/ Shall for thy love kill a far truer love'
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A1 S2 (199)
(Anne) 'I fear me both are false'
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A1 S2 (206-)
(Richard) 'Vouchsafe to wear this ring.... Thou dost confirm his happiness forever'
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A1 S2 (219)
(Richard) 'wet his grave with my repentant tears'
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A1 S2 (223-)
(Anne) 'much it joys me, too,/ To see you are become so penitent'
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A1 S2 (231)
(Richard) 'No, to Whitefriars'
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A1 S2 (232)
(Richard) 'Was ever woman in this humour wooed? / Was ever woman in this humour won?'
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A1 S2 (233
(Richard) 'I'll have her, but I will not keep her long'
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A1 S2 (235)
(Richard) 'To take her in her heart's extremest hate'
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A1 S2 (238)
(Richard) 'Having God, her conscience, and these bars against me'
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A1 S2 (241)
(Richard) 'And yet to win her, all the world to nothing! / Ha!'
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A1 S2 (243)
(Richard) 'Hath she forgot already that brave prince/ Edward, her lord, whom I some three months since/ Stabbed in my angry mood at Tewkesbury?'
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A1 S2 (248)
(Richard) [Prince Edward] 'Young, valiant, wise, and (no doubt) right royal'
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A1 S2 (252)
(Richard) 'made her widow to a woeful bed?'
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A1 S2 (257)
(Richard) 'Upon my life, she finds (although I cannot) / Myself to be a marv'lous proper man'
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A1 S2 (264)
(Richard) 'I'll turn yon fellow in his grave/ And then return lamenting to my love'
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A1 S2 (266)
(Richard) 'Shine out, fair sun, till I have brought a glass/ That I may see my shadow as I pass'
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