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Whats the purpose of CPU registers
1. They are super fast memory. 2. They store data / instruction that can be accessed by the CPU extremely fast
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What will happen if the program counter is stuck?
The memory address of the next instruction will be the same. This means the same instruction will be executed repeatedly.
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2 examples of embedded system
1. Microwave 2. Dishwasher 3. Washing Machine
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Benefits of using embedded systems instead of general purpose computers
1.Compact than general computers 2. Cheaper than the general purpose computers 3. Embedded systems are more reliable than general purpose computer
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Functions of Control Unit
1. Follows fetch-decode-execute cycle. 2.Controls the data flow within CPU 3. Controls data flow between CPU and other parts
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Functions of ALU
1. Performs arithmetic calculations (e.g. addition, subtraction etc) 2.Performs logical calculations (eg. AND, NOT, OR)
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How cache memory is used by the CPU (3)
The cache is extremely fast memory. It stores regularly used data/instructions.CPU can access cache much faster than RAM,
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Whats the difference between RAM and ROM
1. RAM is volatile (temporary) memory, ROM is non-volatile (permanent) memory 2. RAM stores data currently in use, ROM holds startup instructions 3.RAM can be read from and written to, ROM can generally be read from
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Function of Accumulator register
Stores the results of calculations done by ALU
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Function of MAR
MAR holds any memory address to be used by the CPU
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Function of MDR
Holds data or instructions that are about to be written to memory
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Advantages of pen drive over optical disk
1.USB pen drives are easy to carry 2.Faster to read/write 3. More capacity than optical disks 4. More durable than optical disks as the disks can be easily scratched
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Why one may consider to install more RAM
1. Computer runs slowly 2.User wants to run more programs at once
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Skiing trip video storage. What points to consider for the secondary storage
Capacity, Cost, Durability
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Flash memory card-advantages
Resistant to impacts, so unlikely to be damaged when in action 2.Compact and lightweight
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Why secondary storage is needed in addition to RAM
1. It is needed to store data and software in long run 2.It is non-volatile memory, so retains data when no power 3.High capacity, so you can store more data
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Advantages of optical disks
1.Cost effective 2.Highly portable 3.Durable against shock and water damage
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Disadvantages of optical disks
1.Require an optical drive 2.Can be scratched easily 3.Lower capacity 4.Slower
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Why a large cache capacity may increase CPU performance
Cache is much faster than RAM. The larger the cache, more data can be stored
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How o.s. can help to secure user's data
1. User Account control 2. Password/Pin protection 3. Pattern locking
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Whats the purpose of compression utility
Reduces the size of a file so that it takes less disc space and transfers quickly
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CLI advantages over GUI
1. CLI gives greater control than GUI 2. Less resource heavy than GUI
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Why one may need to use encryption utility
To keep data private from third party/hacker gaining unsecured access
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What is Proprietary software
It is a software where only the compiled code is released. Users are not allowed to modify/copy/redistribute the software
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Advantages of proprietary software
1. Software is likely to include customer support 2. It is generally well tested and reliable
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What is meant by open source software
Open source software is a software where the source code is made freely available
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Advantages of open source software
1.Usually free of charge 2. The software's code can be adapted by other users
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Disadvantages of open source software
1. It may have security leaks as it is usually not well-tested 2. It may not provide customer support
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Full backup
A copy is taken of every file on the system.
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Incremental backup
Only the files modified or created since last backup are copied
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What will happen if the program counter is stuck?


The memory address of the next instruction will be the same. This means the same instruction will be executed repeatedly.

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