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1. How does the food travel through your digestive system

  • It goes through the mouth, chewed up by teeth, travels down esophagus, into the stomach which is digested further, then travels through the duodenum, into the small intestine, into the large intestine then to your rectum.
  • Mouth, teeth, stomach, intestine
  • mouth, oesophagus, stomach, ****
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2. What is a tissue

  • a group of cells with a similar structure and function
  • Made of chromosomes
  • made of an organsystem
  • made by dna

3. Name the four organ systems in a plant

  • Flower+Roots+Stem+Leaves
  • Flower+Leaves+Mouth+Teeth
  • Flower+Roots+Stem+Stomach
  • Flower+Roots+Leaves+Liver

4. What do plant cells have but animal cells dont

  • Cell membrane
  • Nucleus
  • cell wall/Plasmids/Chloroplasts
  • Cytoplasm

5. What is diffusion

  • Particles stay stationary
  • The net movement of particles from a high concentrated area to an area of lower concentration
  • Gas particles moving
  • Particles moving


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