Revelations Revision

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1. Which episode is being descrobed here: 'in unison, and in close wedge-shaped formation, the deep plie is repeated with variation of the gestures. The arms open sharply to second position and are held during the second plie.

  • I Been Buked
  • I feel Pretty
  • Sinner man
  • Processional
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2. What dance was created in 1958 and was the debute programme of Alvin Ailey A merican Dance Theatre

  • Sinner Man
  • Red Shoes
  • Blues Suite
  • Biblical Gardens

3. Jazz and African Dance forms were a huge influence on Alvin Ailey. TalleyBeatty, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and the Nicholas Brothers were four different choreograpghers in this genre. Name two others

  • Mrs Henry and Mrs Clark
  • Kathrine Durham and jack Cole
  • Keneth McMillan and George Balanchine
  • Jerome Robbins and George Balanchine

4. There are three main staring points for Revelations. African American traditional music, a desire to create opportunities for African American dancers to perform serious modern dance. What was the third

  • Ailey's memories of his Texan childhood
  • his school
  • birds
  • Judith Jamison

5. Which section is being described here: Women repeat phrases from their opening material; for instance, while sitting again, they bow forwards and backwards and the men again complement this. As the woman, facing the front, shoot on arm upowards.

  • fix me, jesus
  • past and gone
  • Preaching Spiritual
  • Didn't my lord deliver


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