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2. Which section is being described: The light brightens. The black cloth is suffused with a red colour. The three men wear only black trousers. This contrasts in colour to the trousers worn in the previsious dance. A connection to sin is obvious

  • Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham
  • Sinner Man
  • I Wanna Be Ready
  • Past and Gone

3. There are three main staring points for Revelations. African American traditional music, a desire to create opportunities for African American dancers to perform serious modern dance. What was the third

  • Judith Jamison
  • Ailey's memories of his Texan childhood
  • birds
  • his school

4. What is Ailey's typical dance-music relationship

  • violin
  • music visualisation
  • direct correlation
  • samba

5. Which episode is being descrobed here: 'in unison, and in close wedge-shaped formation, the deep plie is repeated with variation of the gestures. The arms open sharply to second position and are held during the second plie.

  • Processional
  • I feel Pretty
  • I Been Buked
  • Sinner man


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