Results for Unit 2 studies

Results for:

  • Cramer
  • Little Hans
  • Little Albert
  • Bobo doll study Bandura, Ross and Ross
  • Raine
  • Dr Money / David Reimer
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1. The NGRIs were found to have ____ activity in their prefrontal and parietal areas and _____ activity in their occipital areas.

  • More, more
  • Less, more
  • More, less
  • Less, less
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2. NGRIs had more activity in the _____ side of the thalamus

  • right
  • left

3. Which stimuli upset Little Albert?

  • rabbit
  • wooden blocks
  • loud bang made with steel rod and hammer
  • white rat

4. In the Bobo doll study, Bandura, Ross and Ross found that children in the _____________ condition were much more likely to behave aggressively towards the doll.

  • experimental
  • aggressive
  • control
  • non aggressive

5. Boys copied male models for verbal aggression whereas girls copied female models for physical aggression.

  • False
  • True


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