Results for Unit 2 studies

Results for:

  • Cramer
  • Little Hans
  • Little Albert
  • Bobo doll study Bandura, Ross and Ross
  • Raine
  • Dr Money / David Reimer
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1. Children in the non aggressive condition were aggressive

  • False
  • True
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2. What was Freud's case analysis for Little Hans' giraffe fantasy?

  • It was a rework of Little Hans being in bed with his parents. The giraffe's long neck was a symbol of a penis.
  • It suggested Little Hans waned a bigger penis
  • It showed he desired his mother

3. In the Raine study, NGRIs were found to have less activity on the _____ side of the amygdala and the hippocampus.

  • Left
  • Right

4. Girls copied _______ aggressive role models more than boys

  • Female
  • Male

5. NGRIs had more activity in the _____ side of the thalamus

  • right
  • left


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