Restraint Techniques and Equipment Quiz

1. When should a sedative/anaesthesia be used?

  • If it tries to escape
  • When the animal is too aggressive/stressed to be safely handled
  • When you want it to stop barking
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2. What is a halter/head collar?

  • Something to reward the animal with
  • Somethiong that goes around an animal's head to lead the animal and allow more control
  • Something to keep its ears warm

3. What is the name of the piece of equipment that can be used instead of a lead to move aggressive dogs?

  • Control Pole
  • Control Lead
  • Leash

4. What are the disadvantages of using a control pole?

  • It may distress the animal and could cause serious injury if used incorrectly
  • It is not as effective as a lead/leash
  • It can break easily with larger dogs

5. What is NOT a disadvantage of a muzzle?

  • Muzzles do not come in a range of sizes and may not fit the dog
  • A weak or poorly made muzzle may be removed and lead to you being bitten
  • Muzzles that keep the mouth closed don't allow the dog to pant and could affect their temperature


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