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2. give 4 advantages of living near a volcano

  • loss of life, buildings destroyed, damage, visit geysers in iceland
  • fertile slopes of m.t etna grow loverly tomatoes, geothermal energy in iceland, blue lagoon spa, after lava weathers fertile soil
  • thermal waters, infertile soil, very safe, injury

3. what is a geosyncline

  • bowl shaped hole
  • a depression between two plates
  • gap in a plate
  • a river

4. collision plate

  • two plates rubbing together causing earthquakes or move in the same direction but at different speeds
  • two plates pulling apart splitting land
  • fold mountain
  • Two plates that push together and are forced up forming a fold mountain
  • Two plates that push together one gets subducted beneath another

5. when was the Montserrat volcanic eruption

  • April 1976
  • July 2001
  • July 1995
  • August 1995


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