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2. give 4 disadvantages of living near a volcano

  • geothermal energy, blue lagoon spa, loss of communication, tourism
  • loss of life, injury, loss of property, loss of infrastructure
  • great agriculture, ash contaminates water supply, mining from earthquakes, oil seeps through plates

3. how much volume of material is exploded from a super volcano

  • 1435 km3
  • 1 km2
  • 1000 km3
  • 500000 km3

4. how are calderas formed

  • large bowl shape
  • eruption occurs
  • formed when the magma chamber collapses after an eruption leaving a large bowl shape ground (depression)
  • volcanic winter

5. what is a geosyncline

  • bowl shaped hole
  • a depression between two plates
  • gap in a plate
  • a river


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