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2. give 4 disadvantages of living near a volcano

  • geothermal energy, blue lagoon spa, loss of communication, tourism
  • loss of life, injury, loss of property, loss of infrastructure
  • great agriculture, ash contaminates water supply, mining from earthquakes, oil seeps through plates

3. What is the mantle

  • mainly iron and melted rock- 2200km deep
  • Solid Rock 8-65km thick
  • soft like molten or melted rock - 2900km deep
  • solid rock - 1600km thick 5500 degrees

4. collision plate

  • Two plates that push together one gets subducted beneath another
  • two plates pulling apart splitting land
  • two plates rubbing together causing earthquakes or move in the same direction but at different speeds
  • Two plates that push together and are forced up forming a fold mountain
  • fold mountain

5. oceanic crust is older than continental crust

  • Not sure
  • False
  • True


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