Restless Earth

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What are the 2 differences between continental&oceanic plate
oceanic is denser and thicker and continental is less dense and thinner
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name the three type of plate boundaries
constructive, destructive and conservative
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explain these boundaries
constructive - plates towards eachother. Destructive- one subducts other conservative - moving sideways
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what is an ocean trench?
deep part of the ocean that happens at a destructive plate boundary
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how are fold mountains formed?
collision - 2 continental plates same density so not destroyed rise up.. destructive - the sedimentary rock built between plates folded&forced upwards
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Give one way that humans have used fold mountains
Hydro electric power / tourism/ farming / mining (any one)
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how have farmers have adapted to steep slopes in fold mountains
terraced the mountain so its easier to farm
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name a rang of fold mounatains and describe threee ways humans use the area
The Alps, tourism 100 million tourists a year 70% come for snow sport, Mining iron,gold and silver, used to be mined but declined due to other cheap sources. HEP, steep slopes and narrow valleys. 60% of swtizerlands Farming - goats = milk/cheese.
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how have people adapted to the conditions of this area
communication - people have built passes as it is difficult to drive as its covered by snow so tunnels have been built. Poor soils, animals farmed on top of mountain as soil is better&steep relief - goats farmed as best adapted
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Whats magma called when it reaches the surface?
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what type of volcano is made of up of layers of ash and rock
Composite Volcano
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How do scientists try and predict a volcanic eruption
by monitering tiny earthquakes, escaping gas and changes in the shape of volcano
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Give 2 negative primary impacts of the Montserrat eruption
vegetaion was ruined and 19 people died
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give two negative secondary impacts of the Montserrat eruption
Police HQ and petrol station were destroyed and fire destroyed alot of things
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give 2 positive impacts of the eruption
tourism is increasing due to active volcano and volcanic ash has improved vegetation
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give 2 immediate responses & 2 long term responses
£17million donated by UK, International aid and £41million donated by UK and Exclusion zone was put in place
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where do super volcanoes form?
at detructive plate bounadries
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give one way that a super volcanic eruption is different to a normal eruption
a normal will effect the area but the super volcano will affect the world
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give the predicted effects of a super volcanic erpution
1000cm^3 of pyrcolastic flow, cloud of super-heated gas flow at high speed killing burning everything, ash will shoot in air will block daylight trigger mini iceages, Ash will settle hundreds of sq km
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What causes earthquakes?
shockwaves that a emitted from the focus
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whats the point in the earth called where an earthquake starts?
the focus
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whats the point on the surface of the Earth above where an earthquake starts?
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what does the richter scale measure
The magnitude of the earthquake
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Give an example of an earthquake in a MEDC and 2 effects&2 responses
bridge collapsed in Fossa and 290 died. 2 responses international aid and shelter for homeless
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Give an example of an LEDC and 2 effects and 2 responses
Pakistan,, 3million homeless and burst water pipe.. blankets and aid within a month and international aid
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What causes an tsunami
when enormous waves happen when huge amounts of water are displaced
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Give an example of a tsunami and explain the effects
Indian ocean, 9.1 on richter, 26/12/04. 1.7 million homeless, 270,000 died/missing, tourism decreased and fishermen lost livlihood
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give immediate and long term responses to the tsunami
immediate: millions of £ donated, international aid and longterm: volunteers trained, £ billions of pounds to improve infrastructre.
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