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2. What are hotspots?

  • Where fold mountains occur
  • Where Oceanic crust is created and destroyed
  • Areas of rising plumes of magma into the asthenosphere creating trails of volancoes
  • Where continental crust is folded, crushed and compressed

3. What is lava from a composite volcano like?

  • Hot and fiery
  • Fluid, flows quicky, made of basalt
  • sticky, flows slowly, made of basalt and granitic
  • Smokey

4. What effects the danger of the hazard?

  • The size, the vulnerability, the populous capacity
  • How often they happen
  • The altitude, the country, the richness
  • Whether it happened in the country or the city

5. What effects the severity of an Earthquake?

  • depth, size, material, distance from epicentre
  • How much of a disaster it causes
  • Time of day
  • Whether it was underwater


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