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2. Define the conservative/Collision plate boundary?

  • Where two plate move along side eachother
  • where two plates move towards eachother
  • Where two plates Crash together
  • where two plates collide Collide

3. What is the core ?

  • Inner part of the Earth
  • Middle of the Earth
  • Centre of the Earth.
  • Outer part of the Earth

4. What is the Crust ?

  • The hot interior of the Earth
  • The outer surface of the Earth.
  • The inner surface of the Earth
  • The cold interior of the Earth

5. What is the mantle ?

  • The hard area of the Earth.Makes the Earths crust move
  • The Semi-liquid (Molten) area of the Earth. Makes the Earth's crust move
  • The hot part of the Earth which makes the surface hot


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