Respiration and Life

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1. Which is anaerobic respiration in yeast?

  • Glucose + oxygen ------> carbon dioxide + water + ENERGY
  • Glucose -----> ethanol + carbon dioxide + ENERGY
  • Glucose ------> lactic acid + ENERGY
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2. Which releases more energy?

  • Aerobic respiration
  • Anaerobic respiration

3. Measuring the amount of carbon dioxide or heat given off in a certain time or measuring thee oxygen used in a given time can find the __________

  • Rate of carbon dioxide
  • Respiration
  • Rate of respiration
  • Rate of photosynthesis

4. How does the body pay back the 'oxygen debt'?

  • By breathing faster and deeper for a while after exercise has finished
  • By breathing slower and lighter for a while after exercise has finished

5. In anaerobic respiration, what produces carbon dioxide?

  • Yeast
  • Animals


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